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Paul Debono

Dear Auntie Carmen our condolences to you and all the family.Uncle Paul was an amazing man he will be sadly missed. Condolences also from Victoria Borg and the Bartolo family in Malta ... Love to you always xx

Hans Grimus

Liebe Lotte, Oliver, Hannes und Anton! Hans lebt in Euren Herzen weiter, unfaßbar, dass er uns alle verlassen hat. Wir denken an Euch. Für die kommenden Wochen wünschen wir Euch viel Kraft und Zuversicht. In Anteilnahme Barbara mit Familie und Helga

Rowan Thomas “Rags” Neely

I am sorry Rhonda and family that I cannot be with you on Monday. I shall miss the regular calls Rowan made just to check if I was OK. He was a kind loving person, always with a smile and a wise word. For an expupil to keep in touch after fifty years is quite remarkable. Such a dear boy , such a loss. If you believe in a heavan then Rowan and Lyn are looking for a good fishing spot. Condolences and Love from Dawn

Rowan Thomas “Rags” Neely