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Sam Keogh on 1 December, 2021 at 2:46pm

I will always be grateful to Uncle John for teaching me to drive a tractor and for not leaving me in the paddocks after closing gates even though it was funny to pretend. I will also never forget his warmth and sense of humour in the face of how hard he worked and the bloody hard things he did. I am glad we didn't put Red Ned near the fire (as I was told was my best option for having a hot dog when I enquired as a seven or eight year old), and I will always cherish the warmth I felt any time I visited the farm, or saw John generally. I suspect I don't know the half of what John did for those around him, but I do no he was a very good man, and a very great role model, and I am grateful to have known him. He will be sorely missed, especially by those of us who didn't spend enough time with him.

Jane Barrett (Keogh) on 1 December, 2021 at 11:23am

Hi Tom, Mary & Jack,

I am so, so sorry that your beloved Dad has finally passed away. He put up a good fight, as did your Mum. I have so many fond memories of visiting all of you at Yea, and all of those memories bring a smile to my face. You were blessed to have such wonderful parents for so long. Paul used to talk about John with such love, admiration and joy. And I know John was devastated when he passed on so young. Our son Nick is named after John, that is how important your Dad was to both Paul and me. The only good thing right now is that your parents are finally re-united. I trust they are having a good catch up together. John has a lot of family to welcome him into the next stage of his life.

You were raised to weather whatever hardship came your way, and I know that fighting McCormack spirit will help see you through this tough time.

All my Love,

Jane Barrett (Keogh) on 1 December, 2021 at 11:15am

Dear John,

I loved spending time with you up at the farm. I will never forget our various adventures in the ute. Looking out through the passenger window as you climbed up the highest hill on the farm, wondering if we would make it up there, or roll down sideways. My anxious glance at you would see a slight smile on your face, as you were enjoying the joke of trying to get a reaction from me. I would know we were safe but you were enjoying pretending that we were not. I often smile thinking of you and the many times you tried to trick me into eating "sultanas" under the wool-shed, riding the ex-race horse in the front paddock that was "perfectly safe" to hop onto, or one of the bulls. I remember vividly your warmth, love, kindness, generosity and overwhelming sense of fun. You and Margaret were a fantastic, happy, productive team and I am so happy that you are finally re-united with her. All my love. Jane

Berna on 30 November, 2021 at 8:48pm

Thinking of you Mary, Tom and Jack at this sad time. John was a very good man with a great sense of humour. Will miss dearly.

Bill Sier on 29 November, 2021 at 5:52pm

Dear Tom, Mary and Jack,
Sending our sincere condolences for the loss of your loved and loving father John. He was a true gentleman with a caring nature, a mischievous sense of humour. I hope that with time the happy memories will overcome the sadness you are currently feeling.
Now reunited with Aunty Margaret. Rest In Peace.
Bill, Karina, Liam and Caitlin Sier.

Victoria Slattery TRENTIN on 28 November, 2021 at 9:47pm

Dear John
Thank you for all the opportunities you shared with me on the family farm Alencon. From shooting, collecting mushrooms, catching yabbies, knitting scarves to keep the new pups warm during winter and my first rowing adventure with you in the 'Titanic across the dam. Rowing is now my favourite sport and I am training hard.
I was always excited every time I came up to the farm as I got to have many different experiences than those available in the city - I have many stories to share.
I send my love and prayers to help mend the hole in Tom, Mary & Jack's heart.
Love Victoria

Maxim Conlan TRENTIN on 28 November, 2021 at 6:26pm

Dear John,
I hope the little jumpers I knitted for your pups on the farm served them very well which helped them work on rounding the cattle with you. I will try my best to replicate your work with the livestock on the farm by helping out Tom whenever I can.
Prayers to Tom, Mary and Jack

Geraldine Keogh on 28 November, 2021 at 2:30am

Dear Tom, Mary and Jack,

My deepest sympathy at this very sad time.

John was such a wonderful uncle for whom the phrase “The McCormack’s up at Yea” was etched into my vocabulary from childhood and continues to this day. He always greeted us with that familiar smile and had such a warm sense of humour. I will miss him dearly but have so many lovely memories to make his sad loss that little bit more bearable.

May John rest in peace, reunited once again with Margaret, his in-laws Julian and Marguerita Keogh, and his loving nephew Paul Keogh.
Much love, Gerrie xxx

Phillip Sier on 27 November, 2021 at 7:29pm

To Tom, Mary & Jack,
Please accept our sympathy and condolences with the passing of John. (never uncle John unless I was aunty Phil)
He was always up for a joke and always made us feel welcome.
We will miss his smile, cheeky grin and get on with it and don’t complain about it attitude.
He will be much missed.
Phil, Michelle, Cameron & Charlotte

Maree Therese Sier-Trentin on 24 November, 2021 at 7:58pm

To My God Father
The remarkable journey your guided me on has left a treasure map that has lead me to new quiet adventures.
Even though you have sadly left us, the map you made remains imprinted upon my heart and handed on to the next generation with Max & Victoria.
Through my tears a smile will endure - Thank You
Love Maree

Loved Brother of Elizabeth Joan Sier nee McCormack on 24 November, 2021 at 1:55pm

Cyril, Josephine, John & Elizabeth re-united as a family unit

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