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Kylie Mort (nee Mitchell) on 23 November, 2021 at 11:46am

Dearest Kaye,

Isn't it strange how it is not until someone has passed that one begins to reflect on the little assumptions one takes for granted over so many years?

Things such as how I always spelt your name with an ā€˜eā€™ but alas, the family shows it was superfluous! Or how I never knew your full or maiden name! Or were my adolescent ears remiss with such details perhaps?

To have spent so much time with you through such an influential time in my life and yet, to have known you in such simplicity! Kaye and Geoffrey, the dear friends who were always so loving and generous, who offered boundless time and experience, who helped a lost teenage girl in any way they could. I am forever grateful.

My fondest memories of my dear mentor:
Arriving at the homestead early in the morning when the dew was still wet on the grass and the horses eager to have their breakfast.

The lively, always cheery good morning as I entered the kitchen, the ready pot of tea and the warmth that wrapped around one like a comforting hug, it was a magical place your kitchen and you were the magic.

The way your stories transported me to another world, where life seemed so much simpler. The way the stables came to life as you narrated the bustling beauty of a bygone era; the harvest, the horses, the teams of men at work, I can only imagine how you have captivated your grandchildren with these same memories over the years so the early years of Delatite Station will live on in the minds of those who cherish you and its history.

The delight when we happened upon the mares foaling down in the paddock and the pleasure found in the loving care of your equine babies, it was your absolute passion, so obvious in your words and your way and I am so grateful I got to share in this labour of love with you.

Kaye you provided me with such stability and consistency and now as I reflect, I wonder at how much you knew of that which I left at the gate, instinctively providing the safe haven of the dependable and grounded, the familial counterweight of the Delatite Station homestead.

Put simply dear friend, you made a such a difference, a real and tangible difference that continues to permeate the mindset of countless more.

Goodbye dear friend and all the best for the most wonderful reunion with Geoffrey, I can still see you both now, bathed in the love and laughter of that kitchen. Love always with all my heart, Kylie x

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